o2 Conference Service - How it works

Use the free invitation tool to invite participants to your conference call

The free invitation tool enables you to let your participants know when the conference will take place and to send them their dial-in number.

We will create a personalised invitation template which you can then send to your conference participants as required either by e-mail or text.

Create an invitation template

Fill in the fields with your conference details. We will create an invitation template and send it to you in an e-mail and/or text which can then be forwarded to conference participants as required.

The invitation template will include the subject, time and date of your conference, as well as dial-in information and a ‘quick start’ guide on how to use the o2 Conference Call Service.

Time to Time

NB: If you choose to enter your mobile phone number, you will also receive the invitation template as a text message. Please enter a mobile number which includes the international dialling code (e.g. 0044 ...).

Yes, I would like to receive the ‘quick start’ guide for the o2 Conference Service (PDF file format) as an e-mail attachment.

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User guide for the o2 Conference Service

Find out just how easy conference calling can be with the o2 Conference Service

o2 Conference Service iPhone app

o2 Conference Service iPhone app

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